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Heated and Climate Controlled Storage Units in Oregon and Washington

Temperatures in the Pacific Northwest can vary widely throughout the year. Summertime may bring a few consecutive days of extreme heat but winters can dip into the low double digits for long periods of time with freezing temperatures and occasional snow. These are reasons why we offer clean, dry, and reliable storage units designed to meet your household and business storage needs.

The Pacific Northwest is well-known for being lush and verdant. This is due to our high annual rainfall. While this is good for farmlands, forests, and parks, it creates wet humid conditions. Extreme humidity can turn your storage unit into a breeding ground for mold, mildew, and unwanted small pests. Fortunately, our well-maintained facilities offer storage units you can count on any time of year.

Benefits of Climate Controlled Storage

Renting a climate-controlled or heated storage unit can be beneficial if you plan to store temperature-sensitive items for several months or longer in Northwest states including Washington and Oregon. Cedartree Management Company operates some of the best storage facilities in the Pacific Northwest. Our friendly, knowledgeable storage managers are happy to help you determine the best storage solutions for the items you plan to store.

During the summer months, unconditioned spaces, like a parked car, exposed to the sun can heat up quickly—temperatures become intolerable even if outdoor conditions are not very hot. Climate-controlled storage units maintain a temperature range between 55℉ and 85℉. During winter months, heated storage units help protect your items by ensuring temperatures inside your storage unit do not fall below 55℉.

Household items such as electronics and wood furnishings are expensive and memorabilia such as photographs are irreplaceable. Besides your stereo equipment, televisions, game consoles, and computers, appliances are equipped with complex electronic circuitry—all can become damaged from exposure to extreme heat, cold, moisture, and humidity. Many of today’s appliances even have computers in them to help manage their energy efficiency.

Find a conveniently located storage facility near you and let us become your first choice for storage in the Northwest.

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