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Truck Rentals at Cedartree Management Company

Moving Truck Features

Are you ready to move into one of our clean, secure storage units, but not sure how to get everything there? You can save money on moving costs when you rent a moving truck through your storage facility. Whether you want to rent a moving truck for a DIY move, or you need a moving company referral, we can help.  

Cedartree Management Company storage facilities are authorized U-Haul moving truck partners and offer truck rentals at select locations. Our friendly managers have years of storage experience at the locations they serve and can provide you with great customer service and help with your moving truck rental.

Cedartree Management Company storage facility partnerships with U-Haul also provides our customers with what many consider to be the most reliable moving trucks in the industry.

  • 24/7 roadside assistance
  • Antilock brakes
  • Automatic transmission
  • Interior lights
  • Power steering
  • Rear roll up doors
  • Small and large trucks for rent
  • Variety of sizes up to 26 feet
  • Vehicle towing equipment rental
  • Low decks for easy loading and unloading

Moving is stressful, but there is a way to reduce the demands on your time when you rent a moving truck your local storage facility managed by Cedartree Management Company. We are dedicated to helping families and businesses just like you find reliable, clean, and economical storage solution in the Northwest.

Moving Truck Tips

Moving with Pets

Did you know that cargo areas of moving trucks are not designed to transport pets? The reason why is  because there is not enough ventilation, light, or airflow. However, your favorite furry friend can ride shotgun with you in the cab. Some moving trucks are designed with bench seating that will accommodate a crate or kennel for cats and smaller dogs. Look for a seatbelt adapter at your local pet store or favorite online retailer if you have a large-breed dog.

Types of Moving Equipment

Dollies and Hand Trucks: Whether you are at a self-storage facility or loading a moving truck, dollies allow you to move heavy items easier and safer. Refrigerators, washing machines, and stoves will suddenly become much more manageable when you use a dolly. When moving boxes, having a hand truck or dolly will save you time.  A set of wheels will allow you to stack and move several boxes at once—it goes a long way to help lighten the load.

Packing Supplies: Quality moving boxes will make your job easier and lessen the chances that items will get damaged or broken during a move. You can find a full range of moving supplies including boxes, bubble wrap, tape, and locks for sale at all Northwest storage facilities managed by Cedartree Management Company.