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Household Storage

Whether you are moving, downsizing, or finally tackling a decluttering project, renting household storage unit can help you get on a path to a more organized life. We are dedicated to making your storage experience fast, friendly, and affordable. Think of our knowledgeable storage teams as your household storage consultants—who are always happy to share storage tips and advice on how to save space and pack your unit.

Any type of life transition can be stressful, so we make it our job to simplify your storage experience. Storage facilities managed by Cedartree Management Company are designed to meet all of your personal, household, and recreational storage needs and conveniently are located throughout the Pacific Northwest in Oregon and Washington.

Clean & Convenient Household Storage

  • Drive-Up Access
  • Covered Loading and Unloading
  • Reliable Security
  • Month-to-Month Storage Rental
  • Individually Alarmed Units (at select locations)
  • Climate Controlled Storage (at select locations)
  • Heated Storage (at select locations)
  • Commercial Delivery Acceptance
  • Discounts on Packing Supplies
  • Mailboxes (at select locations)
  • Friendly Storage Professionals
  • Tenant Insurance Offered

What Size Storage Unit Do I Need?

Our storage managers are always happy to help you figure out how to choose the size of your unit for the items you plan to store. Storage unit sizes typically come in the following standard sizes: 5X5 (25 sq ft), 5X10 (50 sq ft), 10X10 (100 sq ft), 10X15 (150 sq ft), 10X20 (200 sq ft) and 10X30 (300 sq. ft). Here are some examples of what you can store in your Northwest storage unit:

5 X5: A 5X5 storage unit is like a small walk-in closet. These units are great for a few boxes and a piece or two of furniture, like a desk and a chair. These are popular among college students and apartment dwellers.

5X10: Storage units that offer 50 sq ft will typically handle the contents of studio apartments. Unlike a 5X5, you should be able to fit a couch and bedroom furniture into a 5X10.

10X10: The second most popular storage unit size is also the most common and is about the size of a large bedroom. It can typically handle the contents of one- and two bedroom apartments.

10X15: A 10X15 should be able to handle the contents of an entire one-bedroom house, and is sometimes used to store classic cars, small newer cars, and small boats.

10X20: Most commonly used as business storage and by families who need to store the entire contents of their home. A 10X20 storage unit is capable of storing the contents of a four-bedroom house. Some midsize to large vehicles, like trucks, jet skis, snowmobiles, trailers and boats will fit in a 10X20 storage unit.

10X30: Offering an impressive 300 sq ft of space, large storage units are often considered commercial storage units and should be able to handle the storage needs of any family or business.